Global customer acquisition

By choosing to work with us, we ensure you will only be working with experienced veterans. All our publishers and traffic sources go through in-depth reviews not only when joining us, but continuously throughout there partnership with us. We have zero-tolerance of fraud of any form and make sure this doesn’t reach your product.

Quality user/lead generation for your product

Understand Every User’s Click

We make it easy to view every single user click with a full snapshot of where they came from and the details that were passed.

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign you an experienced dedicated account manager to address any questions you may have. Your manager will also pay close attention to your campaigns to ensure they are optimized fully.

Compliant Methods

We know your product and brand is important to you. We make sure no malicious methods of traffic reaches you.

Fraud Prenvention

We provide you with deterministic Anti-Fraud solutions that stack on top of each other to create a multi-layer defense for your marketing campaigns.

Premium Traffic

Worldwide managed traffic from our network of publishers. We ensure your product is only getting the highest of quality users


Click-to-Conversion Time is one of the most powerful reports for understanding your partner and stopping fraud. For eCommerce advertisers, this report makes it easy for you to catch Partners that are using coupon/promo codes to snipe conversions.

Imaxthai CPA: Quality, Scalable & Traffic.